Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial : Permanent French Acrylic Tips!

Hey everyone ♥
If you have seen my previous entry, it was also a tutorial on acrylic nails. (That entry can be found here) That style was just for regular acrylic nails, but this tutorial is to achieve the style refereed to in salons as "Permanent French"

I loveeeee this style of nails and when people compliment me on them & I tell them I did it myself, they think I am lying to them!! haha ;) This style called permanent french is very classy and beautiful - not to mention pricey, getting it done can cost around $35 in a normal nail salon or up to $100+ in high end salons or spas! This is my do-it-yourself alternative for much cheaper - although I've been known to drop some major money & spoil myself at the spa/salon ; )

*FWI - all the info (text) for this tutorial and the steps will correspond with the photos below the text* This tutorial is done on myself & all the photos were taken by me while I was doing my nails. (yes, I am an impressive multi-tasker lol) *

In this tutorial I will be using the 'Kiss Acrylic Sculpture Kit' (around $20 in drugstores)

This kit comes with acrylic liquid, nail glue, acrylic powder, a manicure stick, brush, two sided nail file/buffer, and two sets of nail tips - clear and white french. For this style, we will use the white french tips.

Before we start, make sure that your natural nails are clean of any nail polish, glue, ect..and that they are all filed down short and are even.

The first step is to take out all of the white french tips and "try them on". Fit each nail for a tip that fits perfectly. Lay all the nails out, so that they are in order & ready to be glued on.

The second step is to glue the artificial nails onto the tips of your natural nails, where the indentation of the tip meets your natural nails edge. Make sure to glue the nails on well!

The next step is to trim the nails down to the length you want them to be. Using a nail clipper (not included with the set!) clip down the nails to the desired length. Then, use the nail file to give them a smoother cut and file the nail & the edges.

Next, get out the acrylic liquid, the acrylic powder, the manicure stick, the brush & a little cup (a shot glass works perfectly) or something small that you can pour the acrylic liquid into.

1. Pour some acrylic liquid into the cup.
2. Take your brush & dip it into the acrylic liquid to get it wet.
3. Then, dip the wet brush into the acrylic powder & pull it out.
4. Take the mixture that is on the brush and apply it to the nail. First start at the base and then smooth it out over the entire nail (your natural nail & the tip) and shape it into the shape of the nail.

*you can make the nail as thin or as thick as you want, depending on your preference*

Do that process to all of the nails. Of course you have tried your best to make the acrylic nail as smooth as you could, but don't worry if they do not look 100% perfect at first. Right now the nails may look slightly bumpy or uneven, but we will fix that in the next step!!
(They look so pretty already!!)

Now - take a nail buffer and buff down the nails until they look & feel smooth. Also, take the nail file and file them down once more to get a smooth and straight edge.

For this style of permanent french, I personally think that it looks best without any nail polish on the tips. I really like the look of a matte french tip. So, I do not put on a top coat of clear polish, but - if you would like too - to make your french tips shine, go ahead!




  1. Awesome! Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Excellent source.

  2. This looks so good. Bookmarked!
    I'm buying a kiss kit from Walgreens as I type!

  3. Acrylic nails area for nail technical professionals there a lot of steps they need to be done properly ie dehydrating the nail,primer.Its worth paging the money in a higher end salon or educate yourself @ a school so u know what your doing & the risks involved overexposure etc. If you don't properly prep your nails lifting or worse will occur.Ratio is extremely important it should look like a ball of orange peel u should use 3 only zones 1,2,& 3 using a size 8 brush.Filing is very tricky for the average person there's 5 steps to create the right shape the right c-curve & apex etc.because it's your nails it's better to not risk that you could get a fungi under the nail if u get air or water trapped under it.
    I suggest buying a training hand using it mastering the smile line & cuticle application first before using your own nails.Nails have cells that are dead so once they are damaged it can take 3-6 even 12 months before u get back any free edge at all. Never let anyone use an electrical drill on your natural nails it will take off too many layers creating weak,splitting nails that will not grow back for mths.Many places have education classes go along & learn all aspects before using yourself as a model. if u don't prep your nails properly using the right products and procedures it's likely you will contract a nail diease.There's a reason why the Chinese nail places charge so little they have no qualifications be careful.goodluck

  4. Mel Christie that's an awful thing to do to someone who was trying to be helpful. For my part Chloe, thank you, i really needed to see how this is done.

  5. wtf Mel Christie you should seriously have a look at your grammar and the way you word things. why are you putting Chloe down for trying to help people?? I don't understand people like you. just because you can go to a salon, for about triple the price might I add, doesn't mean you can't try it out for yourself a lot cheaper and sometimes easier. so just stop all Chloe was trying to do was help so leave her alone

  6. Tried numerous time to do it myself, but always looked awful. Thanks a lot for the info.

  7. where can you get the set from???

  8. woow helpful information

  9. this is not fucking helpful
    this is just plain shit

  10. I do my own acrylics whenever I break a nail, this is nice info, thank you for posting. Haters gonna hate just ignore