Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello my beautiful people ;)
This Monday I ventured off into times square & I knew right away where my first stop would be : INGLOT

Inglot is a makeup company from Poland that is well known all over Europe, and this store in Times Square in NYC is the first one in America. Its a tiny little store that has a true boutique feel to it. There were only two people working there at the time, so that may help you imagine how small it was. Right away, I spotted the well known "Freedom System".

The Freedom System is an area in the store where they have a whole bunch of different palette options to choose from. It works like this..
1. Pick the palette that you want.
2. Explore the table filled with the possible choices for your palette.
3. Customize your palette & pick what you want to put in it.
4. Hand over your picks to one of the workers. They will make your palette.
5. You get your completed palette that you just customized for yourself :)

This is the table that you get to choose from to make your palette.
I picked out a palette that had space for 1 pressed powder or bronzer, 1 blush, and 3 circle spaces (can be filled with either concealer, brow powder, lip gloss, or eyeshadow). It was in a matte black case with a hugee mirror. That palette cost $33, or $35 with tax.
(review & haul in a separate entry!)

Inglot also had a huge selection of lip products, as seen below. There are lip pencils, glosses, duo lip cubes (a little cube that opens up to reveal to separate lip colors on both sides), and lip sticks.
Inglot is not only known for their Freedom System, but for their special nail polishes as well. They have a line of polishes called their "O2M Breathable Nail Enamel" & it is said to be one of the best nail polishes for your nails. It's toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor free. It claims to act more like a "second skin" for your nails and still let them breathe, not just cover them with toxins as some other nail polishes do. They have a huge variety of colors, from natural skin colored shades to funky, filled with glitter colors!
Their face products were impressive as well. They had a lot of different types of foundation available, as well as many shades to choose from.

Inglot also had tons of different eyeshadow shades that would please any makeup artist or makeup-addict :) they were all so pretty and very highly pigmented! (my camera took the photos on flash & it didn't really capture all the colors..SORRY!!)

And, of course - pigments & lashes!!!
The pigments we absolutely gorgeous and had every shade that you could ever want!
The lashes were crazzyy! Definitely more of a "theatrical" edge to them, rather then natural, or something that you girls would wear on a daily basis. But still, non the less - FABULOUS!

I really loved this store. It is really great & I cant wait to go back and try out all of their products! If you are in NYC or are visiting soon, make sure to stop by Inglot & be prepared to spendddd!!!

I hope you all enjoyed these photos & loved your inside look into the NYC INGLOT store, courtesy of yours truly ;)


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