Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial : Acrylic Nail Tips!

Hey dolls ♥ IM BACKK ;)
I've been wanting to post this blog up a while ago (like a week & a half ago) but then I got really sick for about a week with a stomach virus, so I didn't do anything! Anyway - HERE IT IS!!

People always ask me how do I do my nails or ask me where I get them done, so here is your answer! I usually (but not always!) do my own acrylic tips! Not everyone can do it, but I am one of the few that can (or at least are brave enough to try lol)

*FWI - all the info (text) for this tutorial and the steps will correspond with the photos below the text* Also, this tutorial is of me doing my sisters nails.*

In this tutorial, I will show you how to do your own acrylic tips using the 'Kiss Acrylic Sculpture Kit' (around $20 in drugstores)

This kit comes with acrylic liquid, nail glue, acrylic powder, a manicure stick, brush, two sided nail file/buffer, and two sets of nail tips - clear and white french.

Before you start - make sure that your natural nails are clean of any nail polish, glue, ect..and that they are all filed down short and are even.


The first step is to fit all of the tips to your nails & glue them on to the tips of your nails, where the indentation of the tip meets your natural nail. Make sure to glue the nails on well!

The second step is to trim the nails down to the length you want them to be. Using a nail clipper (not included with the set!) clip down the nails to the desired length.

After you have clipped them, use the nail file to give them a smoother cut and file the nail & the edges.

Next, get out the acrylic liquid, the acrylic powder, the manicure stick, the brush & a little cup (a shot glass works perfectly) or something small that you can pour the acrylic liquid into.

1. Pour some acrylic liquid into the cup.
2. Take your brush & dip it into the acrylic liquid to get it wet.
3. Then, dip the wet brush into the acrylic powder & pull it out.
4. Take the mixture that is on the brush and apply it to the nail. First start at the base and then smooth it out over the entire nail (your natural nail & the tip) and shape it into the shape of the nail.

*you can make the nail as thin or as thick as you want, depending on your preference*

Do that process to all of the nails. Of course you have tried your best to make the acrylic nail as smooth as you could, but don't worry if they do not look 100% perfect at first. Right now the nails may look slightly bumpy or uneven, but we will fix that in the next step!!

Now - take a nail buffer and buff down the nails until they look & feel smooth. Also, take the nail file and file them down once more to get a smooth and straight edge.

Once you have buffed & filed your nails to perfection, wash your hands. (you don't want any nail dust or anything to be on the nails when you polish them - it will mess the polish up!)

After you have washed your hands, take a nail polish base and apply it to the tips.

Finally, follow up with two coats of your desired nail polish & a top coat of clear polish to make them shine!




  1. very nice steps u have shown thank u for clearing my doubt

  2. I love them no matter what any one says and thanks for teaching me how to do it :) .

  3. Finally someone that actually knows what their doing

  4. I really like your blog, & can clearly see that u aren't blogging anymore :( But I wish I could ask u, is it ok to remove polish & paint the nails over & over? Also how long do they actually last & how long do they hold up?? Maybe, by chance, u will see my questions & post an answer some day! :) Ty!!

    1. i know that if you use a non-acetone nail polish remover you can paint your nails a couple of times

  5. How do you get the consistency of the powder and liquid? I keep messing it up �� anon