Thursday, March 4, 2010

INGLOT Haul & Review

Hi Dolls ♥

On Monday, when I went to Inglot, its obvious that I couldn't leave empty handed!
Like I said in my previous entry, I fell in love with the freedom system & i bought a palette.

I picked out a palette that had space for 1 pressed powder or bronzer, 1 blush, and 3 circle spaces (can be filled with either concealer, brow powder, lip gloss, or eyeshadow). It was in a matte black case with a hugee mirror.

The palette I customized was $33 and about $35 or $36 after tax. So, I would say it is a very good deal! I picked out a pressed powder foundation, a matte peachy/pink blush, an eyebrow powder and two eyeshadows : a light sparkly gold and a light sparkly bronze shade.

Take a look at my perfect little palette!

Isnt it gorgeous?! I can do my whole face up with this palette & all i need to bring seperate is eye liner, mascara and a lip color! Talk about down sizing my on-the-go makeup bag! Absolutely amazing!

The Pressed Powder Foundation
The pressed powder was pretty good. It has light - medium coverage. Light coverage when applied using a kabuki brush, and medium coverage when using a sponge. It doesnt have very strong pigmentation, so you can still see your natural skin under it. This is not a problem for me because I do not have any belemishes on my skin, so I dont really have anything to "cover". it give sheerer coverage then my Make Up For Ever Duo Mat foundation (my favorite). It goes on very silky and does not look thick or cakey at all. I really like it!

The Blush
I loveeeeeee the blush! This shade is SO pretty! It can be swept on lightly for a slight hint of color for a very natural look, or it can be applied on heavier or layered on for a more dramatic look. It also goes on very silky and is very easy to blend it. I cant wait to go pick up more colors!

The Eyebrow Powder
The brow powder is very good as well. It is very highly pigmented, so you have to be careful and use a light hand when applying it. It matches my eyebrows perfectly and gives me that bold brow look that i adore! Great product!

The Eye Shadows
The eye shadows are also very pretty! I kind of regret getting such light colors, becuase they really dont stand out too much on my tan/olive skin tone, but none the less, they look very natural and give a slight hint of shimmer, very pretty for a day time look! They are not as highly pigmented as the other darker colors that I have swatched in the store, but they are still beautiful colors.

The Palette Itself
I LOVE THIS PALETTE!!!! It really has absolutely everything that I need to doll myself up! For only $35, it is a wonderful value and I cannot wait to go back and pick up some more palettes for all different types of looks. Also, the huge mirror is great and really completes the whole package. In addition, I like the sleek black case. It reminds me of a NARS type packaging, and gives that nice classy, sleek look.

I asked for a free sample & I chose to get my hands on a pigment!
I picked this gorgeous teal shade! It looks so pretty, I adore it.

If you can see in the lower left had corner of the photo, it matched the color shirt I was wearing lol ; )

Also, Click HERE to view my youtube video on INGLOT.

In conclusion, I've found another favorite makeup brand and I can't wait to go back to the store to spoil myself and splurge!


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