Friday, July 30, 2010

Chloé's Nails Of The Week!

So, being that people very frequently stop me & ask me about my nails, I decided to start a weekly video on my YouTube Beauty Channel that would answer all those questions! ("what nail polish color are you wearing?", "what brand of nail polish is that?", "are those fake nails?", "what brand & style of artificial nails are those?", etc..)  
Now there will be a weekly video of...CHLOÉ'S NAILS OF THE WEEK!

At the start of this past week (I posed the video on Saturday July 24th) I did the first video of this weekly series. I have gotten wonderful feedback on this video, so I am excited to keep doing them :)

The artificial nails that I was wearing were the Broadway Fashion Diva Color Changing nails, in the style "sunshine". I loved them!

Click HERE to watch the video! 

I hope you all enjoyed this video & are looking forward to the new one that will be posted this coming Sunday or Monday!

XOXO Chloé

How To: Apply Artificial Nails Like a Pro!

I am a hugee fan of artificial nails, so it was only natural that I make a video to let everyone know how to apply the fake nails that I love so much! A lot of girls complain about artificial nails because they say that they either fall off too easily, or they get air bubbles under the nails. Those two problems are very easy to avoid if you correctly apply the nails! So, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how to properly apply artificial nails! 

Click HERE to watch the video :)

I hope you all enjoyed my video tutorial & now you know how to properly apply artificial nails!

XOXO Chloé

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My M.A.C. Blush/Contour Palette

As you all know I am a (proudly lol) admitted makeup addict, so of course, amongst all the brands that I absolutely adore & can't get enough of, M.A.C. is one of them!

Of course I have a M.A.C. pro palette, and my favorite one is my blush/contour palette. To see which lucky blushes are in my palette, watch my youtube video HERE and be sure to comment & subscribe if you haven't already =)

I hope you enjoy the video!!
What is your favorite M.A.C. blush?

XOXO, Chloé ♥

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chloé Gets Colorful!

So, I decided to try out some gorgeous colorful eyeshadow! Personally, I think it looks great & I loveeee it! Check out my video HERE to see it live & in action!

Now on to the big question:
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE EYESHADOW PALETTE or WHICH ONE DO YOU RECOMMEND? I really want one with all beautiful, highly pigmented shadows in every single color!

XOXO Chloé

Sunday, July 11, 2010

elf Mineral Blush & Bronzer Swatches

These are four shades of the mineral blush and the mineral glow (bronzer) from elf that I have. They are great quality products & I definitely recommend them!

For a review check out the video on my YouTube beauty channel - ChloeBeautyNYC.

XOXO, Chloé ♥

Saturday, July 10, 2010

elf Mineral Eyeshadow Swatches!

I absolutely adore these elf mineral eyeshadows! They are always a part of my daily makeup routine - they're awesome!

Here are the swatches of these fabulous shadows & for a review check out the video on my YouTube beauty channel - ChloeBeautyNYC.

XOXO, Chloé

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: Miracle Skin Transformer

Do you believe in miracles?

A brand new breakthrough product, The Miracle Skin Transformer claims to leave skin completely transformed and hydrates, enhances skin tone and protects - leaving skin looking smooth, luminous and perfected in only one step.

The past few days in NYC have been in the high 90's and very humid. I was in need of a foundation that resembled a tinted moisturizer, was very light on my skin but also offered sun protection and evened out my skin tone while adding color to my face. I decided to try out this makeup and see if it really would transform my skin and keep it looking gorgeous and fresh - even on a hot, humid summer day. At first this product almost sounded too good to be true, (like some products that promise a lot but don't really deliver.) but I was totally proved wrong! It really lives up to its promises and is going to be a pretty popular product in my makeup bag this summer! (especially on hot humid days where I don't want to be bothered with powder or liquid foundation!)My skin tone was evened out beautifully, my face was moisturized (no need to apply my moisturizer beforehand - this did the job!), my skin looked like it was glowing and best of all, it was very light on my skin, it almost felt like I was wearing no face makeup at all. In addition, I wore this out at night and I put a light dusting of my Make Up For Ever HD powder and that combo gave me a totally matte, yet weightless finish. I loved it!

So, here are the juicy details on The Miracle Skin Transformer!

What it claims:
• Antioxidant moisturizing tinted skin enhancer with UVA/UVB SPF 20.
• Instantly transform your skin in one application.
• Leaves skin smooth, luminous and air-brushed in seconds.
• Pumps the skin with natural ingredients for anti-aging benefits.
• Instantly covers imperfections to leave a smooth, matte finish for an even complexion.
• SPF 20 shields skin from harmful rays and protects from environmental damage

After wearing the product, theses are the pros & cons I've come up with!

• Uses natural active ingredients such as saw palmetto extract, passion fruit, CO Enzyme Q10, Vitamin K and Vitamin A.
• Buildable coverage - you are able to layer for more coverage, or use it like you would a tinted moisturizer.
• Sun protection, SPF 20
• Evens out your skin tone
• Moisturizes and keeps skin hydrated throughout the day
• Gives a soft matte finish, yet is still luminous
• Very bendable
• weightless, very light on skin
• Perfect makeup for hot/humid weather
• Also comes in a colorless option, for flawless skin texture w/o color, or to use as a primer. (or if men want to wear it for a perfected complexion as well)

• Offers only light coverage, so if you have blemishes, it either wont cover them or you will need to layer the product a few times to cover darker marks/imperfections.
• Limited color choices. Only comes in 3 colors (light, medium and tan) and colorless. There is no color option for you girls who are very tan or those who have gorgeous chocolate or ebony skin tones.
• $48 is pricey (in my opinion) for a product that isn't always part of my daily routine.

A swatch straight out of the bottle.

Half-way blended. See how creamy it looks?! I love it - great texture!

Fully blended. Light-weight & provides a smooth appearance with a soft-matte finish.

I really like The Miracle Skin Transformer! It is a great product to have in your makeup collection and its a necessity on days when you want a light-weight moisturizing foundation that still gives light coverage & a soft-matte finish. I am not sure if I will be buying the full sized version when it becomes available to the public on August 1st, mainly due to the $48 price tag on a product that I wont be using everyday. (I am more of a pressed powder or liquid foundation type of girl! lol) This 5ml sample that I got is enough to last me about 5 or 6 more full face applications, so once I am done with this little tube, I will truly know if I want to spend to get the full sized one! But, if you are a girl who cant live without her tinted moisturizer or if you love a light foundation for daily use - then this is definitely the product for you! The Miracle Skin Transformer will truly be the miracle your skin has been wishing for!!

Thanks for reading my review on The Miracle Skin Transformer! Click here to get your own FREE travel sized (5ml - just like the one I have in the photos!) tester and see for yourself how great this product is! ENJOY ♥

XOXO, Chloé