Thursday, November 18, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III Event!

I have been incredibly busy lately (full time college student with a full time job!!) & I remembered that I had this entry as a draft & never published it, so I finished it and here it is!! Better late then never! ENJOY :)

As you all know, I have recently fallen deeply in love with Urban Decay...
On Saturday, August 28th 2010, I attended the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III launch party & exclusive pre-sale at Sephora in Times Square. The perfect location to debut the UD♥NYC palette!

At my Sephora (haha - yes, I call it "my" Sephora, because that's the one that I go to the most.) they were having a very special one day only sale of the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III palette - Urban Decay Loves New York!!

When I got there, the line was huge & went all the way to the end of the block!!

Thankfully, I was able to waltz right in & I didnt have to wait on the line, being that I had a very special  interview set up. I had an interview with one of my idols, Urban Decay's head international makeup artist, Eric Jimenez. I was so happy to be meeting Eric and I was absolutely honored to be able to interview him & speak to him one on one about Urban Decay and their fabulous products. (click here to read the interview!)

Urban Decay's head makeup artist, Eric Jimenez, greeting some of the patient Urban Decay fans that stood in line waiting to get their hands on the Book of Shadows III.

After my interview with Eric (click HERE to read it!!) I bought myself a beautiful Book of Shadows III - UD♥NYC - I was thrilled! I got my first Urban Decay palette and I was so happy that it was celebrating my amazing city - NYC - how perfect?!! (I use this palette almost everyday now - it is incredible!!!)

Then, to make a long story (very) short - before I knew it, I was in the UD♥NYC tee shirt doing makeup in Sephora alongside the fabulous Urban Decay National Artistry Team!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I was absolutely honored & I had such a blast!

I did makeup on a bunch of Sephora shoppers who were there for the Urban Decay event. I gave them each a special look using the new Book of Shadows III, and I must say, they all left the chair looking fabulous!! I am in loveeeee with the new UD♥NYC palette and using it made me fall in love with the brand and develop a hardcore Urban Decay addiction ;)

This is me & a very special woman that I met at the event! This wonderful doll's name is Cadie & she was one of the makeup artists in Urban Decays National Artistry Team. She was so kind & welcoming to me and we had so much fun doing makeup together!
As we would do makeup we would always start dancing and we loved the music that the DJ was playing! "oh my God! I love this song!" was said about a million times lol Anyway - Cadie was a real sweetheart, as were all the other fabulous Urban Decay makeup artists!! I wish I had a picture with each & every one of them!!

This event was incredible and I had such an amazing time talking & getting to know Eric (read the interview HERE!) as well as hanging out and doing makeup with the marvelous & extremely talented Urban Decay National Artistry Team!!

♥ XOXO Chloé ♥

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows III will be available in Sephora in early October.
Click HERE to read my review of Urban Decays De-Slick powder, HERE to read my review of their Lip Junkie lip gloss, and click HERE to read the interview with Eric Jimenez ♥

Eric Jimenez

When I went to the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III event I was lucky enough to meet one of my idols - Eric Jimenez! Eric Jimenez is the head international makeup artist for Urban Decay. Besides having one of the best jobs in the world, Eric is also one of the most kind people that I have ever met. He really has a true passion for makeup and he really cares about making everyone feel & look beautiful!!

 Three fun facts that I learned while speaking to Eric:
• He started selling Avon door to door at a very young age with his mother.
• He owned his own cowboy hat company!! (pre-UD days!)
• He began working with Benefit and then started working with Urban Decay 5 years ago.

Of course, I had to ask Eric what are the top 5 Urban Decay products that he would recommend for every makeup lover! These are the top 5 products that made the cut!
The Original Primer Potion!! And now Urban Decay has a Pro size primer potion in a squeeze tube = HEAVEN!!! This is a necessary makeup item in everyone makeup collection!
The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil!! And now you can get your hands on the 24/7 Jackpot!! Besides just being a kick-ass eyeliner, these pencils can also be smudged & worn as eyeshadow!
All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray! (There also is one for oily skin - I loveeeeee that one! - as well as one for dry skin!) A few spritzes of this & your gorgeous face will last all night! I use this everyday so my makeup lasts through school & work!
Lip Junkie Lip Gloss! These lip glosses are amazing! (check out my review & swatches HERE) A perfect long lasting, non-sticky gloss with a beautiful wide-range of colors!
Eyeshadows! yesss :) I absolutely love the Urban Decay eyeshadows! With a very low amount of binders & very high pigment, these shadows are long lasting, smooth & extremely pigmented!

Eric greeting Urban Decay fans waiting on line for the Book Of Shadows III event!
Meeting Eric was absolutely amazing & he is such a HUGE inspiration to me!

♥ XOXO, Chloé