Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Trend : Fuchsia Lips!

I've always been the girl who's not afraid to wear a bright pink lipstick on a daily basis.
I love the way a gorgeous, bright pink lip looks against my olive completion & my long black locks. Its a look that most girls would shy away from, but me - I love it.

A while ago, I went out shopping for the new perfect lipstick for my birthday dinner.
I knew I didn't want to wear my signature bright pink lip, or go for the classic chanel red.

I knew I wanted something bright, outrageous and gorgeous -just like me (hahaha just teasing!!)
then I found exactly what I was looking for...

I bought this lipstick - Miliani lipstick in Rose Hip - wore it that night and received tons of compliments! When I shared my birthday dinner photos with everyone, I received even more compliments and tons of people wanted to know which lipstick it was!

I absolutely adore this lipstick. It goes on very smooth, lasts a very long time, only cost about $4 (or even less?!) and the color is incredible! Perfect if you want to follow the spring trend of a hot fuchsia lip!

Are you loving this hot spring trend as much as I am?
Comment below & let me know :)


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