Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hottest Looks For Summer!

As you all know, I love fashion & I can walk through the mall for hours and just create outfit after outfit! That being said, my new internship with Derek Warburton, is right up my ally and I absolutely love it! This past week was my first week interning for Derek and the main focus this week was pulling outfits for his appearance today, Monday May 24th on a Philadelphia news station. On Dereks segment he would be showing outfits that showcase the latest spring and summer trends.

Here is a list of Derek's top 10 hot trends for this summer!
1. Colorific: Fabulous fuschia, bodacious blue and miraculous melon will be making you happy go lucky after a drab winter!
2. Sporty Spice: Don't be too quick to throw away those old gym shorts, sports wear is back in a big way! Replace your old leggings with some Nike lycra, throw on an oversized tunic and take off!
3. Country Cute: Country cute is the new city fabulous! Big skirts and daisy dukes are in!
4. Keep it clean! Crisp white classics are not only for the office anymore! White dresses and white button downs are here to stay for the summer!
5. Sheer Madness: Get out those sheer slips and camisoles because skin is in!
6. GI Jane: An army of glamazons will be on the streets this season, fabulous fatigues let you go to war with the summer heat in style!
7. Studs: Summer always brings out the cute guys, but these studs will be found on belts, bags and sandals!
8. Swirly twirly: Mixing and matching patterns is one of the most dangerous of trends, but if done right - it can be the most fun! Mixing patterns is very trendy right now!
9. Be-Jeweled: Summer is a stones throw away, so don't be shy to wear all your glamorous stones and jewels to add bling to your outfit!
10. Platforms: This season you will be reaching new heights!! Platform heels and platform wedges are essential!

Our task was to create 4 - 5 full outfits that showcase those trends and include more then one specific trend per look. It was a very fun task and we created some amazing outfits! Take a look for yourself :)

The first outfit here is mixes bright colors (colorific) a platform wedge shoe (platforms), has many embellishments and jewels (be-jewled) and is paired off with clean white shorts (crisp white). Personally, I love this outfit because is is bright and unique. Plus it mixes two of my favorite colors - pink & gold!

Next, we have outfit number 2, which is a crisp white dress (clean white), a long necklace with chains of silver, gold and pearls (mixing metals) and a bright colored, all purpose scarf (well wrapped). 

Outfit number 3 focused mainly on our military trend. We have a dress in a fatigue pattern (GI jane), sports wear ( sporty spice) and a studded belt and bracelets (studs).

The 4th outfit was so adorable! It focused on the country cute look (country cute) with the denim crop-jacket and dress, had a few different patterns (mixed patterns) and featured a lot of jewelry, an oversize watch (be-jewled) and a studded clutch (studs).

The 5th an final outfit was a bright neon-yellow dress (colorific), a military inspired black blazer with gold studs (GI Jane & studs) and a wrist-ful of gold studded bangles (studs).

These are the 5 completed looks that Derek & I created for his appearance on the Philadelphia morning news. The segment went excellent and the outfits were a big hit :)

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these trendy looks and liked seeing what I do at my internship with Derek!

Click on the box below to watch!!!

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.

XOXO Chloé

Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Self-Tanner!

As summer is right around the corner, so is a summer tan! But this summer I will not be laying out in the sun and baking myself daily in order to achieve that nice rich, dark tan that I desire! Yes, everyone loves a sexy, summer tan, but nobody loves skin damage or the harmful affects that the sun can have on our precious skin. Thankfully we can find a perfect alternative to that rich summer tan in a bottle (or spray can!) and be much nicer to our skin!

Many of you have asked me what my favorite self-tanner is and after thinking about it for a while, I have finally made my decision (and trust me, I have tried many!) My favorite self-tanning product, hands down is - St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Spray!

St. Tropez is one of the best self-tanning brands that I have ever tried. I was never left with an orange, fake looking glow. Every time I used one of their products, I was left looking beautiful with a true brown-colored tan, just like if I would if I spent a week in the Bahamas! Out of all their self-tanning products, I like the spray the best. It is much easier to get an even tan with no streaks when you are spraying yourself, because the number one culprit of streaky tans are not involved in this tanning process! (Your hands!) Since there is no need to rub in any product, the chance of you streaking is practically non existent! (But of course, make sure to exfoliate your skin from head to toe first!) In addition, without the need to rub in the self-tanner, there are also no orange palms!! 

My routine for using this self-tanner is as follows : First I hop into the shower and I get all my shaving out of the way. Then I exfoliate my whole body from head to toe! (Make sure to pay special attention to around your knees and elbows!) Then once I am out of the shower, I put my hair up into a bun & put a little plastic shower cap over my hair (to avoid getting self tanner in it) and then I evenly spray the tanner all over my body. I do one layer, and allow about 10 minutes for it to fully dry 100% and then go over once more with a 2nd layer for a deeper, richer tan. After the spray is fully dried, I put on some loose clothing and go off to bed. When I wake up in the morning, I take a quick shower with only water to rinse off any excess tan, towel off gently (do not rub or scrub your skin dry! This might exfoliate the tan off & you will be blotchy!) or air dry and then I am good to go with a gorgeous rich, brown tan all thanks to my St. Tropez self-tan bronzing spray!

Happy Self-Tanning!
XOXO Chloé

If you prefer to use a lotion or a mousse formula for your self-tan, St. Tropez also offers them! Which ever formula you choose, the result is always a rich, brown tan - just like you were vacationing in St. Tropez :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Can't Wait To Get Back To The Beach!

...Back To The Beach, the new M.A.C. collection that is!!!
So, I received this pretty little seashell invite in the mail a few days ago.

"TO THE BEACH -You and a friend are invited to a privileged sneak peek...
A sensual surf side celebration of the joys and pleasures of marine life.
Out summer
bronzing collection is to
o cool, yet too haute to miss. SEE YOU AT THE BEACH."

Obviously, I am very excited to go to this event & even more excited to get some of the new items from this new collection. The M.A.C. Back To The Beach collection hits counters May 27th, but these are the things on my wishlist that I will be picking up at the sneak peek event!

MAC Lipglass in 'Easy Lounger': Light Baby Pink with Multi-Dimensional Pearl
& in 'Splashing': Mid-Tone Blue Pink with Soft Gold Pearl
MAC Lip Pencil in 'Life’s a Breeze': Soft Pink
MAC Lipstick in 'Lazy Day': Light Dirty Blue Pink (Lustre)
MAC Bronzing Powder in 'Golden': Muted Golden Tan-Beige with Golden Shimmer
MAC Powder Blush in 'Hipness': Intense Coral with Soft White Pearl (Frost)
MAC To The Beach BagAs you've probably noticed, I love this collection because of how well it compliments my signature look! Pretty pink lips, bronzed skin & a pink flushed cheek!
GORGEOUS & perfect for any season, especially summer!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Be Gorgeous & Give Back with E.L.F.

As you all know, I LOVE EyesLipsFace. I just wanted to inform all of you about something really special that they are doing. For a limited time only, they are offering a Beauty Boost Kit on their website - a combination set worth $620 that you can grab for yourself for only $20!

But, the best thing about this set is not just all the amazing products you get - the best thing about this Beauty Boost Set is that 100% of the $20 price tag is donated to the Bottomless Closet!!
The mission of Bottomless Closet is to support women in transition by providing business professional clothing, career skills and image coaching, empowering them to interview with confidence, gain employment, achieve economic self-sufficiency & personal enrichment. Such an amazing foundation!!

This beauty Boost Kit includes the following -
• three beautiful gold bangles from shopthelook.net
• a Neocutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream (great for anti-aging!)
• a gift certificate for a free Vela-Shape treatment (works wonders on firming up cellulite!)
• ELF total face brush & an ELF studio blush brush
• ELF mineral bronzer (which I absolutely love! It is so natural looking and beautiful!)
• ELF mineral booster (perfect for setting makeup all day!)
•ELF Mineral Gloss in Au Naturale (perfectly compliments the nice tan glow you will get from the bronzer!)

Pretty amazing for only $20, right?! This set is all you need for a total beauty boost, from head to toe!

Since I attended the ELF Beauty Boost event, I already received all these items in my gift bag. All the items are wonderful, so I bought another set so that I could donate $20 to the Bottomless Closet. I will be giving this incredible set as a gift for my mom for Mothers Day!

Bottomless Closet is a wonderful foundation with such a caring mission. ELF (as well as Derek from Derek Loves Shopping!) is really making a difference by supporting such an important cause. Do not pass up this opportunity to get all these amazing beauty items and to support the Bottomless Closet!