Saturday, February 20, 2010

M.A.C. Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick


Finally got my M.A.C. Viva Glam Gaga lipstick & let me tell you - IT IS HOT ;)
Definitely cannot be worn by everyone, and it's very hard to pull off, but i loveeee it!
(and you all know how i adore my signature pink lip!)

I've been waiting for this lipstick for a long time!
I was waiting like a month before it came out, counting down the days & I literally ordered it the first hour it was released! lol i knew i had to have it & God forbid it would be sold out!!!

So, i ordered that night and not only did I have to wait for like three days for it to even ship out, but at that same time there was the huge blizzard in NYC & it delayed all the deliveries so much :( every time the bell would ring, i would run to the window & if i didnt see the mailman with that litte black box, it broke my makeup-loving heart! lol

When my package finally came, i was SO excited.
But I was really nervous to see the lipstick at the same time, because i heard from a few people that the color isn't that pretty or its "not wearable" - and just FYI, all makeup is wearable in my opinion - makeup is universal - there are no "rules" - you can like whatever you want and wear whatever you want - if you love it & wear it with confidence, then its perfect :)
So, yeah - anyway - I was nervous to see it, but when I finally did - O M G - loveeeeeeeee ♥

This is definitely a "lady gaga" color!
And, definitely will cause heads to turn.

It reminds me of a color that Barbie would wear.
A light, bright pink color. This is definitely a lipstick only for those who have no problem standing out & wearing a vibrant pink lip.

This really is a beautiful vibrant pink color.

One thing that I love about this lipstick is that you can swipe it on lightly and you are left with a light, yet still bright, pretty pink lip. OR - you can put it on like up would a 'regular' lipstick shade (a few swipes on each lip) and be left with a bright, vibrant pink. So, whatever suits your mood or look that you are wearing.

Honestly, even if this color was gross, I would still love the lipstick, just because i lovee lady gaga ♥

I think that this color looks really hot on me ;)
It may not be an "everyday-running-to-the-store" color, but for going out, it is a really fun pink color.

Barbie would be proud, hahaha ♥

Also, in my opinion, this color also represents Lady Gaga herself. She is glamorous, unique, outrageous and isn't afraid to stand out and follow her own trends - the same thing goes for this lipstick and those who are confident enough to wear it! M.A.C. & Lady Gaga did a great job creating this color.

I can't wait to pick up a 2nd and 3rd!!


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  1. Hello.. Im just wondering.. Would this lipstick be suitable for olive skin tones? Thank you!