Monday, February 8, 2010

Cupcake Soap Review!

hello loves :) okay, so today was a very important day for me! I received my actual diploma from school, I am finally an official high school graduate, with honors & a regents diploma, graduating 6 months early!! I am so proud of myself!!

Now, if you have been keeping up with my youtube channel you will know about the amazing cupcake soaps that my best friend maria ordered for me from ariel's secret garden. So, two weeks ago on my youtube i had my video just showing how adorable and cute the cupcake soaps were & i was just raving about how amazingggg they looked! They literally look exactly like mini-cupcakes, SO CUTE ♥ i adore them!!

Now tonight I just uploaded a new video with my actual review on theses little soaps - so go check out my video for my full review :)

They really are the cutest soaps i've ever seen, i don't even want to actually use them because I'm afraid that I will come to the time where I am down to my last little cupcake soap! I would be so upset lol

They some in five different styles, and all of them are absolutely adorable & i just want to take a bite out of them!!! They are all handmade and they are covered in sprinkles and glitter, so not only do they look like true cupcakes, but they are really well decorated and you can tell that they were made with a lot of attention paid to the details. They are really tiny, but for such small soaps they lasted pretty long - ranging from three - five showers each (some are bigger soaps then others) and they lather up pretty well. It does take a little more effort to get them all lathered up & soapy, but they are made with natural ingredients (such as goats milk) so obviously they take more effort to lather up then a regular drugstore soap that filled with chemicals.

The box that they came in was so pretty and it was decorated with stickers of cupcakes and cute little sayings like "delicious" and "sweet treat", stamps that said "hand made with love", glitter, sequins, pink tissue paper and confetti - all over - it was like a party in a box, i loved it so much!

Also, not only did I get like 18 of these amazing little soaps, but i was also given a free sample of one of their lush dupes. the one i got was a lush dupe in the scent "rock star". it smells sooo good! the rock star dupe is a gray-ish color with brown and black little dots in it, with green glitter on it. it smells like a perfume or something, its so yummy, i love it - i cant wait to try it and do a review on it for all of you lush addicts out there ; )

Oh and I received two extra gifts! Two pieces of handmade jewelery - one little pin that had all glitter and sprinkles and sparkles in it and a huge cupcake necklace with a glittery gold 'cake' bottom and a glittery hot pink 'frosting' top. It is SO cute and i loveeeee it because my two favorite colors are pink & gold, especially put together. I love this package that i got and i can't thank maria enough for ordering it for me, you're amazing maria, i loveee you ♥ hahahaaaa :)

These little cupcake soaps make great gifts (obviously - cant you tell how much i loved them when maria ordered them for me?! = amazingg gift!!) Imagine getting these babies for a birthday gift?! that would be soo cute! i definitely recommend them if you girls are looking to give a gift that doesn't cost too much yet it still will make a great impact on the lucky recipient & it wont be forgotten (plus, it will probably be bragged about & you will be know as an incredible gift giver! lol). So, to conclude this little review - my overall thought is that it is an amzing product and i rate it a 9 out of 10 stars!

I cant wait to order from ariel's secret garden again - next time i want to try their bath bombs, lotion bars & more lush dupes!

Love, Chloé
♥ XOXO ♥

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