Friday, February 19, 2010

E.L.F. Haul!

I finally got my order from E.L.F. Cosmetics & I am very pleased with my purchase :)
I haven't ordered from the original ELF line in a while, since I was sticking to Studio & Minerals, but I was getting curious about the eyeshadow quads they had for $1, and I really wanted to try the matte bronzer & the blush in "flushed". So, needless to say - I ordered (as usual - do I ever hold back on shopping? lol addiction much?) and my package finally arrived!

I made a haul of these products on my beauty channel that can be found by clicking HERE.

So, as i promised in my video - I would have all fabulous swatches and photos for those exclusive subscribers who visit my blog. Swatches & photos below for my amazing subscribers / followers / fans ♥ ENJOY :)

These are the six eyeshadow sets that I got. I nicknamed them the "dollar quads" - because that's exactly what they are ; ) smart, no? lol
They all are such pretty colors! I love them & you can create so many different looks with all of them.

These are the names from left to right, starting at the top row.

Silver Lining, Nouveau Neutrals, Ivy, Nymph Dreams, Butternut, Drama

Silver Lining


Nymph Dreams

Nouveau Neutrals


Bronzer in "Matte Bronze"
This is a really dark bronzer, a true deep brown!
If you are really pale or aren't good at blending - stay far away! lol
(they also have lighter shades, just fyi)

Blush in "Flushed"
This looks a lot more like a bright rose color in real life, not a hot pink.
But, either way it is a gorgeous blush - i adore it!

This is the hottest combo!!
A nice dark (matte) bronzer as a contour shade and a bright pink/rose as the blush.
So flattering! Especially on my olive skin tone, it looks so gorgeous ♥
Both the blush & the bronzer are very highly pigmented and easy to blend. They are absolutely amazing, especially considering that they are only $1 each - so crazy. i love it :)

Liquid Liner in Silver
Such a pretty liquid liner, this is a great shade to add some edge to a smokey eye look.

Final thought : AMAZING :) For everything it only cost me $9 -not including shipping or taxes - but only $9 for all those shadow colors (24 shades from the six quads!), a matte bronzer, a liquid liner and a great blush is absolutely incredible.

I hope you all loved my swatches & review!
Thanks for reading everyone, i love you all ♥

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  1. hi chloe! i'm one of your subscribers on youtube (under a different user name) and i'm totally in agreement with you when it comes to the dollar quads. i ordered some after seeing reviews on youtube and i still can't believe what a great deal they were.

    i also have the blush, by my shade is "glow." it's great too.

    this is exactly why i love the beauty channels on youtube. i would have never heard of elf if it weren't for great reviews like the one you posted!