Sunday, September 5, 2010

UD Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Swatches & Review!

 hello my fellow makeup lovers :)
 If you have read my previous blog entry, you are all fully aware that I have recently fallen deeply in love with Urban Decay. And I have fallen HARD ♥

I was dying to test out their lip glosses and I heard that their lip junkie glosses were really great, so I just haddddddd to try them out as soon as I could!

So i present to you these gorgeous swatches of the Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Glosses!
They look so pretty in the tubes & the color you see is the color you get!

Top row left to right: Peroxide (light pink) Midnight Cowboy (sheer nude sparkle)
Crush (bright hot pink) Runaway (medium peach shimmer)
Bottom row left to right: Heavy (dark neutral) Naked (pinky neutral)
Jilted (deep pink sparkle) Perversion (sheer black sparkle)

True to color! The color that you see in the tube is that color that appears on your lips.
Not sticky at all! I hateee sticky lipglosses and this is not one of them! It was super smooth & not gooey.
Super shiny. I am more of a lipstick type of girl, but when I wear lipgloss I like it to be obvious that I am wearing a lipgloss - shiny & glossy lips! & its such a huge plus that its not sticky!
Really good range of color & shades. There are 11 gorgeous shades so you know you can find one you like! Take your pick from sheer pretty neutrals, kick-ass brights, or a glimmering near-black The 3 of them I couldn't show you were Red-Light (bright pinky red), Wallflower (nude creamy-pink), and Love Junkie (sheer dark red).
I love the minty scent & flavor! Its refreshing, smells good, feels good on the lips and most importantly its not too strong & it doesn't taste bad.
Lasts a pretty long time for a lipgloss. Most lipglosses that I have tried always come off so easily, but this one lasted pretty well & the color stayed.
The lipgloss tube is "molded" not all soft. This is a pro for me because now there cant be any lipgloss "accidents" where my lipgloss explodes all over my bag because the tube was squished. Thank God!! LOL
Pretty packaging! Yes, as you all know I loveee trendy packaging & this product, like every other Urban Decay product has packaging that looks so nice!

I didn't notice any plumping effect to my lips. This product is advertised to have an ingredient called "Maxi-Lip" that is said to give your lips a boost & have some plumping action. Unfortunately, I did not really notice any when I used this product. But it also says "plumps lips an average of 40% when used daily for a month." So I guess I will use it more and more & see if I notice a gradual change in the plumpness of my lips.
May be considered a little "overpriced" by some. Some of my fellow makeup lovers may think that the $19 price tag is a little too pricey for a lipgloss. Personally, it is an average price for lipgloss amongst the higher-end brands, but a some people might still think its overpriced.

I really liked these Urban Decay lipglosses!! There were many pros about this product and it really lived up to my expectations, except on the plumping part. I think that with the wide range of shades, the smooth & shiny finish, the refreshing minty flavor and the non-stickiness, it equals a pretty fabulous lipgloss! My three favorite colors are peroxide, crush and runaway! I also like mixing peroxide & crush together, soo pretty!

XOXO Chloé


  1. I've never tried their glosses before. I must try these!!

  2. Yeah I've never tried them either but thanks for the reivew, i'll definitely have to try them soon :)

  3. they are all lovely colors, must buy a few! =)

  4. At Sephora for the UD <3 NYC palette event, I got a couple of these samples in Wallflower! lol I absolutely loved it and I love the packaging! As for the size, it seems to me like you get a decent amount of product for your $$... either way I will def. be getting the full sized product(s)! =)