Friday, September 3, 2010

Chloé's Nails of The Week! (week of August 29th)

My nails for this week are so hot! They are inspired by Harajuku fashion & trends. They are bright and totally fun! These are perfect nails to wear to end the summer with!

This style is follows the "mismatch manicure" trend with bright neon colored tips, a thin white stripe and silver glitter! Since these nails will catch everyone's eye, this style is for confident girls only!! ;)

Company: Broadway Nails
Line: Fashion Diva (Harajuku)
Style: BHFD01 - Love
Length: Short

"DON'T CONFORM, MIX IT UP!" That definitely was the rule when this set of nails were created!
Who wants boring nails anyway?! NOT me!! 

I love these nails!! I adore bright neon colors on the nails during the summer, so having a bunch of hot neon colors on my nails definitely let me end the summer with a bang!!

I also gave myself a pedicure with a polish that matched the neon theme of these nails perfectly!
Company: Milani (their Neon line)
Color: 502 Awesome Orange

As usual, broadway nails never let me down & always let me have the hottest nails!

Thanks for reading dolls!
♥ XOXO Chloé ♥


  1. ooh they look sooo cool!!!Really nice nail design!!

  2. These are so cute, I really need to find this brand of nails!

  3. Thanks girls!! You can find this brand of nails in rite-aid, walmart, CVS, places like that. Or if dont have those stores by you, try amazon =) ♥

  4. how long does these nails stay on you?
    one day, week or more?

  5. I got those a little but ago, but do you have any tips for making them stay on, cause they keep falling off. Thanks