Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dr. Jeannette Graf's Beauty Influencer Event!

Last Wednesday evening, August 4th, I attended the Dr. Graf Beauty Influencer event. The event was in honor of Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D. who is a Board Certified, Clinical and Research Dermatologist. Her advice and honest talk about beauty & skin care science has made her one of the most sought-after experts in her field. I was extremely honored to be in her presence.

Dr. Jeannette Graf & Karen Oliver (owner of Karen Oliver & Associates)
Karen Oliver & Associates and Genevieve Santos, of Gorgeous on the Go (Genevieve is in the gray) with Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D.
This fabulous night was hosted by these lovely ladies!

The event took place in midtown Manhattan at the Metropolitan Club on the terrace. Despite the awful humid weather, it was absolutely lovely up there! The views of the city were beautiful.

When the I first arrived I was immediately greeted by Carol Straley and Karen Oliver of Karen Oliver & Associates, as well as Genevieve Santos of Gorgeous On The Go. They were all very sweet and made me feel welcomed! (Sometimes it can be a little strange being only 18 years old and being invited to events that are mostly filled with grown women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.) Next I met the lovely Dr. Jeannette Graf and as silly as it sounds, I felt star struck! I have heard of her many times before the event and I have seen her on TV, read her articles in magazines (right before I went to the event I just finished reading an article of hers in Allure magazine!), I know of her website (Ask Dr. Graf) and my mother has her bestseller book! (Stop Aging, Start Living: The Revolutionary 2-Week pH Diet That Erases Wrinkles, Beautifies Skin, and Makes You Feel Fantastic) It was such an honor meeting her and she looked radiant and beautiful!

After meeting the hosts of the party &checking in, I started mingling with some other guests and started munching on the delicious h'orderves and drinking my pellegrino with lemon! (The older guests were drinking wine &champagne, and from what I’ve heard it was a great selection.) I was lucky to be able to bring a guest with me, so I brought my best friend Lynn. 
My best friend Lynn, and I.

We mingled with the other guests together and met some fabulous people!
I met Cindy (DRbrookyln730)
I also got interviewed, which was really cool. I was a little nervous at first - but we all know that I am comfortable in front of the camera!
Yours truly getting interviewed!
Then, Dr. Graf started speaking and give us all insight on how what we eat and drink really effects the way our skin looks through our bodies pH levels. It was extremely interesting! (click HERE to learn how your pH level directly affects how beautiful your skin will be!!) Dr. Graf’s lecture on how our skin & beauty is affected by our pH levels was very informative and eye opening!
If you look to the left side of the photo, you will see me standing with my best friend Lynn along with Emmy Award winning Celebrity Makeup Artist - Kevin James Bennett. It was such an honor to meet him!!

After Dr. Graf spoke, she started signing copies of her bestselling book Stop Aging, Start Living: The Revolutionary 2-Week pH Diet That Erases Wrinkles, Beautifies Skin, and Makes You Feel Fantastic and each guest received one along with a box of pH testing strips (EMD colorpHast pH Test Strips, Full pH Range 0 to 14) so that we could get to work and start testing our own pH levels!
Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D.
Dr. Graf signing her bestseller book "Stop Aging, Start Living"
When I finally got my book signed by Dr. Jeannette Graf I had to take a photo with her! Someone like her is such an inspiring and wonderful role model for me. Not only is she extremely intelligent and very well educated, but she is also very beautiful and charismatic. The best combination - beauty AND brains!
Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D. and myself, Chloé of ChloeBeautyNYC
 And of course, Lynn got her own copy of Dr. Graf's book! Here is her photo with Dr. Graf as well!
Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D. with Lynn.
In addition, each guest received a fabulous gift bag filled with products from Glytone, Avene and Rene Furterer. Look how stylish those big bags look! I love the black, white & hot pink combo!
The contents of the fabulous gift bag!
All in all, this event was a fantastic experience and I am so thankful that I was one of the beauty influencers chosen to be invited! I met a ton of very sweet and talented individuals who I am so glad to have met! I will always remember this night & the fabulous wealth of knowledge that I gained from Dr. Jeannette Graf M.D.

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Chloé


  1. Wonderful blog entry! Well written, and the pictures are beautiful, thank you for featuring me in there also. You're beautiful and a wonderful writer!

  2. I love drbrooklyn she is one of my favorites!