Friday, July 30, 2010

Chloé's Nails Of The Week!

So, being that people very frequently stop me & ask me about my nails, I decided to start a weekly video on my YouTube Beauty Channel that would answer all those questions! ("what nail polish color are you wearing?", "what brand of nail polish is that?", "are those fake nails?", "what brand & style of artificial nails are those?", etc..)  
Now there will be a weekly video of...CHLOÉ'S NAILS OF THE WEEK!

At the start of this past week (I posed the video on Saturday July 24th) I did the first video of this weekly series. I have gotten wonderful feedback on this video, so I am excited to keep doing them :)

The artificial nails that I was wearing were the Broadway Fashion Diva Color Changing nails, in the style "sunshine". I loved them!

Click HERE to watch the video! 

I hope you all enjoyed this video & are looking forward to the new one that will be posted this coming Sunday or Monday!

XOXO Chloé

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