Thursday, April 22, 2010

E.L.F. & American Laser Center Summer Beauty Boost Event!

I am very proud & happy to say that I was invited as the special guest of E.L.F. to an exclusive event that was held by E.L.F. Cosmetics and American Laser Centers - The Summer Beauty Boost!
I was so happy to have been invited and absolutely honored to be there as the special guest of E.L.F. I am a huge fan of EyesLipsFace and I have always been! (Even before the studio & mineral line! I was an ELF-aholic when they only offered the $1 products!)

The event was held at the American Laser Center at one of their ritzy Manhattan locations. It was lovely!! There were many special guest speakers who educated everyone about their products & services and spoke to everyone there and answered any questions that we had. The event was very informative and I learned a lot! Besides all of the guest speakers and information, there was a huge table of delicious hors d'oeuvres, food & wine. Also, each guest received an amazing gift bag, filled with all types of different products! I LOVE IT :)

I am so thankful to have been invited & to have been so lucky to learn from and in the presence of such amazing people. All in all, I had a wonderful time, and I met some absolutely incredible people! (see below!)

Me & Achelle Dunaway - Creative Director of E.L.F. Cosmetics
Achelle is a makeup artist & the creative director of E.L.F. Cosmetics. Besides being a tall gorgeous blonde, Achelle is such a sweetheart and really has a true passion for what she does! She was a wonderful host of the Summer Beauty Boost Event and welcomed me right away. She was very fun & easy to speak to and I loved hanging out with her! She has a happy, bubbly personality, a great fashion sense and an even better taste in makeup! ;)

Me & Derek Warburton - Lifestyle & fashion guru - Derek Loves Shopping!Derek is a famous lifestyle guru & has a very popular website - Derek Loves Shopping (which I adore & read all the time! I bought my black sequined clutch because of him!). He was the life of the party, was perfectly dressed (and accessorized, of course!), and obviously FABULOUS! (Its not a coincidence that "Fabulous" is his middle name!) He was very fun to talk to and to hang out with. Plus - I learned all the hottest new summer trends from him!

Achelle & Derek are not only all about beauty & fashion, but they also love to do good and help others. Achelle & Derek teamed up together and E.L.F. cosmetics is the new beauty sponsor of the Bottomless Closet and they also work together with Housing Works. They are such inspirations ♥ I love them both :)

That was definitely a night I will never forget!


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