Thursday, November 10, 2011

International update :) Kiev, Ukraine

hello everyone :) Yet again, I am on vacation again - this time we are in Kiev, Ukraine. Kiev is beautiful and i've have been having an amazing time here. I left NYC on November 1st and I wont be arriving home until the 14th. Today I'm going to do some shopping! I am dyingggg to buy a new fur coat and a fur ushanka ("russian hat" lol) and of course I need to buy little gifts for my friends & family back home. Also, I love the weather here. Its always sunny with a beautiful blue sky and cold. I love the cold weather because you can always dress nice and warm & i adore my boots & fur :) All in all - Kiev, Ukraine is a gorgeous city and I know that this is not the last time that I will be here.

On another note, I feel sort of silly updating my blog. Especially being that I haven't written in here since my last vacation in August and the time before that was when my dad passed away. It really makes me sad to think how distant I have been from something that I love so much, but my life right now (and for the past months) did not allow me any time to indulge in the blogging/youtube world :( I have been so busy with my full time job (actually, its not just a "job", I have an actual career going for me), college, traveling to Russia/Ukraine very often, and on top of that I have to be there for my family - things have changed a lot since my daddy has passed away. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that even with being so busy and having such a full life, I still miss blogging and youtube. It is always in the back of my mind and I feel so sad for having to take such a long hiatus - but I guess that is what I needed to get my life in order. Most importantly, what I wanted to tell you all is that I am coming back :) Once I get back to America I will start getting back again into blogging & youtube and I'm sure everything will be good, or as we say in Russian "все будет хорошо" 

XOXO Chloe


  1. How Selfish Are You? What is the last thing your "FUR" is thinking OF???
    If you want to wear a FUR just grow your own.
    Do not kill!

  2. are you alive?! I miss you! You haven't tweeted or been on youtube for a months! hope all is well!

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