Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vamp Up Your Halloween with Kiss Nails!!

As you all know, Kiss Nails are my favorite brand of artificial nails and I wear them very often! So, being that it is Halloween time, they have created four styles of limited edition Halloween nails that are sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween look!

The four styles of the nails are (from left to right) - Witch, Ghost, Pumpkin, and Hayride.

In addition to the four styles of the artificial nails, Kiss also created four styles of limited edition Halloween nail art, body art and eye & face art!! Below are the photos of the two different styles of nail art, one of more "sweet" with cute skulls, black cats and colorful bats & stars, while the second one has a more of a "spooky" feel to it! Spiderwebs, bats, black skulls, and spiders! 

Then there is the body art and the eye & face art!! I loveee these two sets! 
(as you can tell, I've already used one of the body art stickers, it was a really pretty red rose!)
The eye & face art is SO pretty! I am planning to use it to add some bling to my eye makeup :)

On Wednesday I started to get into the Halloween spirit and I put on the artificial nails in "Hayride" - They looked awesome! I LOVE the black-red fade look that the nails have and the black design on it is subtle but still so pretty! I would wear this nail style all throughout the year - not just Halloween!! It looked so pretty!

I love them & I got so many compliments on them! They really look like they were airbrushed at the nail salon :) I'm kind of upset that they are only Halloween limited edition & that they wont be around long, I need to stock up on this style!!

I hope you all enjoying seeing these fabulous limited edition Halloween products from Kiss Nails!!

♥ XOXO, Chloé ♥

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  1. Loving those nails, especially the silver ones with the spider - they look so chic!